What You Get

In addition to 6 modules and 12 hours of content, these are your other benefits

  • Downloadable Templates

    Change canvases, experiment boards and more are instantly downloadable.

  • Access for 1 Year

    Take up to one year to complete the self-study course

  • A Global Community

    Get access to a private community of peers, agile coaches and change experts all over the world

What You Get

- 12+ hours of content
- 6 content modules
- Personal instruction from author Jason Little - Access to a private global community for support
- Free Lean Change Management book in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats
- Downloadable templates

Why Attend?

Read what previous attendees have said about our virtual programs!

Attended the Self-Study Course in September 2018

Theresa Nicholas

It lived up to my expectation. It was exactly like being at a in-person workshop, I don't feel like I got less of an experience.

Review of Lean Change Management

Johanna Rothman

Lean Change Management review: Changing yourself is difficult. Changing an organization? One might say impossible. And, Jason has written a handbook that allows you to consider ways to implement the impossible. With the idea of feedback-focused change, you can change an organization, one small step at a time. He's done it. You can do it. Let him show you what works and what doesn't. I love the stories. They ring true and follow what I know about change and people.

Best course I've taken!

Rob Abbey

Jason’s comprehensive knowledge, communication and experience is encouraging. The theory is integrated to experience and starts from “I dont know how this will go!” The course is true to the theory of LCM and reinforces Real Change