Lean Change Agent Virtual

Based on the 2-day Lean Change Agent workshop, this self-study version allows you to progress at your own pace and get support through online discussions, and Lean Coffee sessions with Lean Change Management author Jason Little.

What's Included

  • 12+ Hours of Content

    Personal instruction, screencasts, and detailed instructions for completing exercises are included.

  • Downloadable Resources

    Instant download of eVersions of Lean Change Management and all tools and templates in the course.

  • Getting Support

    Get your questions answered via online discussions, and monthly Lean Coffee sessions.

What are People Saying?

Facilitation was excellent!

by Glaudia Califano (completed May 2019)

Pragmatic. I really liked the tips that it all depends on context. And the understanding that in real life, as an external change agent, you have to work sometimes different with your clients. I liked that everything can be used in a pragrmatic way and that it is conversation driven.

At my own pace

Ryan Milella

Very good use of technology - really appreciated the opportunity to go through the content over most weekends.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to apply Agile and Lean techniques to Change Management
  • How to use Agile techniques within your existing Change Management framework
  • How to reframe resistance to change to response to change
  • How to modernize your change management practices
  • Combine ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, OD and CM to develop your own contextual change framework
  • Alternatives to ROI and project management thinking
  • How to use light-weight planning and measurement tools such as Change Canvases, OKRs, Perspective Mapping and more.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Lean Change Agent Virtual - Self-Study

  • 2

    Module 1: What is Lean Change Management?

    • Download these supporting resources for the 'What is Lean Change Management?' Module

    • The Big Idea: What is Lean Change Management?

    • Question! How would you describe Lean Change Management?

    • Screencast: What is Lean Change Management

    • Question! What do you think about the 70% failure statistic?

    • A Story: Co-creation of change

    • Homework: Introduction to The Hot Seat

    • Homework: Instructions for The Hot Seat

    • Screencast: Agile and Change Management - Part I

    • Quick Exercise: Your Change Manifesto

    • Screencast: Agile and Change Management - Part II

    • Quick Exercise: Applying your change manifesto

    • Screencast: Agile and Change Management - Part III

  • 3

    Module 2: The Ecosystem of Change

    • Download these supporting resources for The Ecosystem of Change Module

    • The Big Idea: The Ecosystem of Change

    • Screencast: The Ecosystem of Change

    • A Story: Exploring where to start with a large change

    • Homework: Create Your Ecosystem

    • Homework: Instructions for Creating Your Ecosystem of Change

    • Question! What did you discover?

    • Wrapup: The Ecosystem of Change

  • 4

    Module 3: Alignment

    • Download these supporting resources for the Alignment Module

    • The Big Idea: Alignment

    • Screencast: Alignment I

    • Question! Why does change fail?

    • Screencast: Alignment II

    • A Story: What happens when we're stuck?

    • Homework: Introduction to Alignment

    • Homework: An Overview of Change Canvases

    • Homework: Create Your Change Canvas

    • Question! Tell me about your change canvas!

    • A Bonus Story: Perspective matters! Using info-graphs to reflect back the state of Alignment

    • Wrap-up: Alignment

  • 5

    Module 4: Experiments

    • Download these supporting resources for the Experiment Module

    • The Big Idea: Experiments

    • Screencast: Experiments

    • A Story: An Experiment in the Government Sector

    • Homework: Introduction to Experiments

    • Homework: Experiments Part I - Creating Experiments

    • Homework: Experiments Part II - Change Hacks

    • Homework: Experiments Part III - Making Change Easier

    • Wrap-up: Experiments

  • 6

    Module 5: People

    • Download these supporting resources for the People Module!

    • The Big Idea: People

    • Module 5: People - Screencast

    • Response to Change - What do you think?

    • Module 5: People - Screencast II

    • A Story - Support from the top...but nowhere else!

    • Homework: Finding your 'movers'

    • Homework: Exploring the blast radius of change

  • 7

    Module 6: Putting it All Together

    • Download these supporting resources for the Putting it all Together Module

    • Module 6: Putting it all Together - Screencast

    • Module 6: Putting it all Together - Final Wrap-up

  • 8

    Thanks for Attending!

    • How to get your certificate

Pricing options

Prices are in Canadian dollars, and by signing up you get access to the course for up to 6 months. Save by paying upfront, or page over the term of the course.


  • Can I become a facilitator after taking the self-study course?

    Yes, and you would also need to complete a train-the-trainer program with Lean Change creator Jason Little.

  • What currency are you using?

    All courses are billed in Canadian dollars.

  • I'd prefer to learn with other people, is that an option?

    YES! This Self-Study version allows you to interact with others via our private community while quarterly cohorts allow you to learn directly with other attendees.

  • How do I get help with the course?

    There are open discussion in the course, as well as a bi-weekly Lean Coffee session with Lean Change Management author Jason Little, as well as a private community!

  • How long do I get access to the material?

    Upon successful purchase, all content is available for 6 months.

  • I can take courses on Udemy for $29, why is this so much?

    You get what you pay for! This course is designed to mimic the in-person workshops, gets you access to a private community to connect with other attendees, and you can access to the author of Lean Change Management, Jason Little for ongoing help and support.